One of the UK's largest air shows took place once again in the lovely town of Southport this year.

This spectacular event combined with wonderful shiny weather attracted over 15,000 people who came to admire the talented pilots flying some of the most legendary planes in UK history. 

A superb opening with fireworks on Friday night was followed by a weekend of a nonstop parade in the air made the 2018 Southport Air Show another undeniable success. 

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This year the event decided to use Universe, Ticketmaster’s self-ticketing solution, to sell their tickets for the show and between the reputation of the show, the technology provided by the platform and the marketing that Ticketmaster was able to offer (including a review from our Minimasters that you can read here!), this resulted in over 10,000 tickets sold online. 


Southport Air Show will be back next year with what could be an even bigger edition – thanks to the comeback of the Red Arrows! 

To learn more about using our Universe self-ticketing platform for your events, contact your client account manager or email

Words by Gillian Henderson


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