At the end of March the Ticketmaster Field Technology team held their annual departmental Bake Off.

It was a hotly contested event with seven entries ranging from cakes and cupcakes to scones!

A team of expert sweet-toothed judges were assembled from the Client Services team to taste, rate and oversee the competition. The judges were impressed with the entries – especially the creativity and presentation.

The results were as follows:

7th place
Cherry Coffee Cake – “Last, but certainly not least, the humble cherry coffee cake can still impress! The fact that a cake this good can come seventh out of seven, highlights just how strong all entries were.”

6th Place
Pecan Cream Cake – “An ambitious achievement, with a meringue-like cream topping.”

5th Place
Carrot Cake – “Flawlessly frosted and melt-in-the-mouth, this carrot cake wowed the judges.”

4th Place
Guinness Cupcakes – “Packed with the deep, rich boozy flavour of Guinness, these cupcakes were fiendishly devourable.”

3rd Place
Laptop Cake – “The effort, and attention to detail made this entry the most visually captivating.”

2nd Place
Strawberry Sponge – “Very close to coming in first place, this strawberry sponge was exquisite...light and delicate in texture, but bountiful with summer flavour and zing.”


1st Place (shown above)
Scones with Clotted Cream, Strawberry Jam and Royal Blend Tea – “It takes skill and talent to achieve a scone baked as well as this. It had just the right flavour, not too baking soda-ish and just the right consistency. Thoroughly impressed; and thoughtfully served with Royal Blend tea fit for a Queen.”

Words by James Bale, Doug Smith and Mark Thomson


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