Universe publishes a case study on how the Bike Shed London, Europe's best independent annual motorcycle show, used our ticketing solution Universe.


The founders of Bike Shed, Vikki and Dutch Van Someren, were looking to greatly expand their event and make it more accessible to all bike enthusiasts across Europe. To do so, they realized that they needed to take a more hands-on approach and gain more control over their event ticketing processes. The team needed a solution that would offer guests an extremely intuitive checkout system, provide them with a better way to collect attendee data for further retargeting efforts, and would not compromise their carefully crafted brand.


With these challenges in mind, Universe was able to provide a streamlined registration process that allowed attendees to get tickets quickly and efficiently as well as collect valuable customer data with customized checkout questions. Additionally, our platform helped them to maintain control over their branding and web design with the ability to directly embed ticket sales directly on their site. Among the 10,000+ who registered and attended, 30% of those individuals easily purchased tickets onsite.  


Bike Shed 2017 was their most successful event to date. Their team was able to collect over 10,000 emails from registrants. This allowed them to make better data-driven decisions for the next event. Thanks to Universe’s simple ticketing solution, Bike Shed London 2018 is projected to sell between 10,000-12,000 tickets and is on track to continue to increase sales over the next 3 years. 

View the full case study here.

For more information about Universe, visit here or contact a Client Account Manager at sales@ticketmaster.co.uk.

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