Ticketmaster proudly sponsors the FastForward conference – a boutique music business conference aimed at connecting the next generation of music industry leaders.

The event is aimed at under 35s – creating a fun, open, safe space to for everyone to learn from one another.

Tina Mermiri, Head of Research & Live Analytics at Ticketmaster International, took to the FastForward stage in Amsterdam this month to share her learnings from Ticketmaster’s recent State of Play: Grime Report. Together with the Black Music Research Unit at the University of Westminster, Tina and the team undertook the first ever comprehensive study on public attitudes towards grime music.


The report assesses the impact of the genre on the mainstream, revealing that it’s now an established part of British culture with a direct affect on the political establishment.

Tina also leant her Grime knowledge to the Importance of Music in Shaping Culture panel, alongside fellow experts of Dutch hip hop, German gangster rap and Afrikaans music. All genres of which have experienced a resurgence in the UK of late.

The panel discussed the conditions that allowed these subcultures to develop, the infrastructure that enables them to be so successful, and what we can do to encourage more variety in the music we consume.

With Stormzy taking home two Brits last week, it’s safe to say that Grime is here to stay. 

To read the Ticketmaster State of Play: Grime Report in full, or any of our other State of Play Reports head here

For further information on FastForward visit here

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