Ticketmaster UK has launched a chat widget. It's currently live in three markets – Ticketmaster Netherlands, Ticketmaster Sweden and TicketWeb UK.

The results in terms of online sales conversion and self-service have been very positive. Here are some of the key features of the chat widget:

• Increases online sales conversion by providing constant support for the customer throughout the sales process

A customer could be in the middle of a transaction but realises they don’t know how to use a gift card. Instead of having to ring customer service or click on the customer service link (which means they’ll have to start the sales process all over again), they can activate the chat box on the payment screen to help them. By having the chat box available for support it will encourage the customer to make the purchase there and then.




• Pre-programmed FAQs (no live agent) keep the cost to operate minimal

The behaviour of customers who use the chat box will help us shape and improve the knowledge base. We will regularly review data to create further FAQs to make sure we have answers to questions that we didn’t previously have. The more FAQs we create results in increased self-service on the site and reduces customer effort. This will improve the experience for customers.

• Customers don’t have to navigate away from the homepage to find answer to their queries

Reducing customer effort is high on the agenda at Ticketmaster. Something as simple as a customer not having to click through pages to find an answer to a question can make all the difference. The chat box is conveniently available from the Ticketmaster homepage for existing customers to ask questions about their order such as “When will I receive my tickets?” or “How do I print off my TicketFast tickets?”

• Reduces unnecessary emails and calls

Customers are busy and haven’t always got time to call or email in order to get answers to straightforward questions. Having the chat box readily available and easy to access means that customer won’t have to make more contact.

• The chat box can be repositioned

Once the chat box is open the customer can freely drag and reposition it as they please. If they prefer it on the righthand side of the screen they can easily do this will a click and drag.




• Potential to use the chat widget as an upsell tool

In the future we may be able to use the widget as an upsell tool. For example, the customer may be on a page where collector tickets are offered. We could use the widget to automatically pop and display content specific to “collector tickets” and what the benefits of that product are.

• Identifying error messages

If a customer is facing a particular error message, the widget can be used to help them troubleshoot it. Also, we can use what the customer is typing into the widget to identify any unexpected error messages that they are experiencing and report them to the relevant team. 

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