Here at Ticketmaster we opened up our platform last year with flexible and powerful APIs that allow developers to benefit from the huge scale of data from events it operates across the globe.

Using these APIs, companies like Facebook and Spotify have integrated with Ticketmaster’s platform and inventory. Since then, we’ve run 11 hackathons across the planet to engage with developer communities – last month we headed to Belgrade for the final hackathon of 2018.

Teaming up with our local development partner Bakson LTD and ICT Hub (a local centre for technology development), we ran a 24-hour Hackathon – yes, coding through the night! 


The theme of the hackathon was “event discovery”, encouraging local developers to use our APIs and mash them up with other APIs to create cool and meaningful experiences for fans.

Over 50 local developers joined the hack, and spent 24 hours coding – and having a few laughs too (rumours of 2 a.m. karaoke abound). With a cash prize on offer, the motivation levels were high. In the end the winning team Rufnut took the crown with an app representing a mash-up of events, accommodations and flights which can then be added to a set of itineraries…a must for any fan on the move.


belgrade1.jpg belgrade3_600x300.jpg


We look forward to where the Ticketmaster hackathon roadshow will take us next!

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