Every month we introduce a different member of the Artist Services team. This time we talk to TicketWeb and Artist Services Graphic Designer Charlotte Simonsen.

We get an insight into her day-to-day role as well as find out what she's listening to and looking forward to attending this year.

Q: Tell us your story – how did you end up joining Artist Services at TicketWeb & Ticketmaster ?

Honestly, I love this story. I went to Download Festival for the first time. I was mega pumped because every other year it just hadn’t worked out. I was actively looking for a new job at the time, but the jobs I wanted just weren’t available. I was in the arena waiting eagerly to see some of my favourite bands. That’s when I see an ad on the big screen advertising for jobs to work in the music industry. It was a revelation. Even my friends around me all knew I had to apply. I don’t believe in accidents at all – there was a reason for me standing in that field that exact day, that exact year. As soon as I got home a couple of days later I applied for the job. There was only one job on the website that was relevant to what I do. It can’t get any better than that! It was like straight out of a rom-com, except less funny and maybe not so romantic.

Q: Can you explain a normal day at work for you?

I often get into the office early, about an hour to half hour, depending on the day. This way I can have my breakfast, catch up on my social media, answer some emails, have a breather before I start my day officially. Since I am a graphic designer, the rest of the day consists of creating assets that will go with socials, banner ads and print ads, editing videos for various tours or interviews, building landing pages for tours and helping the team come up with creative ideas on different matters when we want to do something extra!   

Q: What has been your favourite campaign to work on?

My favourite campaign to work on so far has to be between TicketWeb’s One To Watch 2018 and Ticketmaster’s New For 2018, listing all the music you need to keep an eye on. I’ve since seen some of the bands and artist that we have on the lists and they have all been no less than amazing!

Q: What are you listening to at the moment?

At The Great Escape festival I discovered a post-hardcore band with a female-fronted singer. You don’t see that too often, so I was instantly intrigued. The band is Dream State. I’ve been listening to them on repeat ever since and I’ve managed to catch them live a couple of times too! They have a great presence on stage too!

Q: You’re from Norway originally! Any travel tips?

If you want to travel to Norway, save up! It’s not cheap but it’s quality. All of Scandinavia is so beautiful! My best suggestion is to do a road trip through it as much as you can. You’ll see mountains and fjords you would never see from traveling with any other transportation. There are so many lovely little cottages and restaurants around and it’s the best way to get the full Norwegian experience. If you’re not a road trip kind of person but enjoy more of a city life vibe, I would highly recommend Trondheim. It’s in the northern part and has a lot of wild life around it but also has the city personality with a great creative flair with a great music presence. I could go on!

Q: You’ve recently launched Witchin – can you tell us about that?

Yes, I have! Witchin is an apparel brand that I run with my friend Anna Andres. The brand's ethos stands very much for equality for all, a no judgement space but at the same time it has a cheeky and sarcastic tone. Most of the artwork will reflect that. It’s very much inspired by music and alternative lifestyle. Perfect for those post-emo kids that are still going to hardcore shows and aren’t quite ready to grow up just yet. We’re very excited about the brand and we are trying to work with people such as influencers to get the word out and establish ourselves in the market. Keep an eye out on www.witchin.co.uk!

Q: And finally, what live event are you most excited for in 2018 / 2019?

I’ve been enjoying all the festivals this season and they have all been great! Unfortunately, I don’t have any more festivals lined up. However, I am seeing the legends, Iron Maiden in August at the O2 with Killswitch Engage as support. Which are some of my favourite bands! So you know I am excited!

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