The internship program at Ticketmaster and Live Nation aims to expose candidates to the dynamic world of the live entertainment industry.

Rosie Rankin and Stephnie Mathurin are two of our product interns for Mobile & API and Live Nation respectively (they're also shown above respectively).

We recently asked them a few questions about their internship:

What were you doing before you started your internship?

Rosie: I studied Business and Economics at university, and during the university summers I liked to work at live events – from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Wimbledon. I knew I didn't want to go down the conventional route a lot of my classmates were doing, such as accountancy, but I wasn't 100 percent sure what I wanted to do. So after I graduated I decided to get a job at home to save up to go travelling. I went travelling by myself for four months, and when I got home I saw the Ticketmaster internships advertised on LinkedIn. It seemed like a great opportunity to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the ticketing business.

Stephnie: Before I started this internship I was studying Music Business and Events Management at university and working as a guest relations assistant and VIP suite host at the O2 Arena. Doing this in conjunction with my studies was a great way to have a good insight of the practical side of live events whilst studying the theoretical side. After my studies I began to apply for various full-time jobs and internships that related to my passion of music and live events, and came across a special needs teaching assistant role in a music and performing arts specialist secondary school. I worked there for a year and although this role was extremely rewarding I still didn’t want to give up on working in the live events/entertainment industry. I came across the internship on Live Nation jobs website and saw it as an amazing opportunity.


Why did you want to work at Ticketmaster/Live Nation?

Rosie: Although I studied Business and Economics at university, I have always had a passion for live events. The internship at Ticketmaster was a great way for me to combine the skills I learnt at university with my love of live events. I had experience working at different box offices, and Ticketmaster would allow me to experience the behind-the-scenes area of ticketing.

Stephnie: My interest in working for Ticketmaster/Live Nation largely came from the association the business had with my studies. At university I studied Music Business and events management BA Hons and throughout my time on the course, Ticketmaster/Live Nation were used as a case study within various lectures and seminars which further increased my interest for both companies. My passion for live music also added to me wanting to work here – as a user of both Live Nation and Ticketmaster products, I was very interested and excited to see and be a part of what they do.

What do you like about working at Ticketmaster/Live Nation?

Rosie: Technology is not my background, so I am enjoying learning a lot more about the tech side of things, but also combining that with the skills I learned in my degree. As interns we really get stuck in and are given a lot of responsibility, which I really appreciate. I like working at Ticketmaster because it's a cool company; there are always different social events that you can attend and the office itself is a friendly environment and a great place to work.


Stephnie: Initially I wasn't expecting the amount of responsibility I've been given as an intern and I also wasn't expecting it to be as hands on as it has been, but it is one of the things I enjoy most about my role! I have been able to lead projects and give input that is valued within the team as well as get involved with meetings, training sessions and conferences. I have learnt a lot from my time here and have been able to get involved with all aspects of work and no two days are the same which makes it an enjoyable place to work. Another thing that beat my expectations was that as interns we still get access to all the great benefits that other employees receive.

What have you learned during your year as an intern?

Rosie: Through training and hands on experience, I've learnt about different strategies that Product Managers can use and the role of Product within the company. Ticketmaster is my first experience in a big company, so it has been interesting to find out how all the different cogs work together across the business globally.

Stephnie: Throughout my time here I have been able to develop and strengthen a lot of skills that were already existing from my time at university and past job experiences – for example, having the confidence to speak and lead meetings and communicate with all my team members, from developers to stake holders. As well as improving existing skills, I have also learned a lot of basic tech skills and language.

What most surprised you about Ticketmaster/Live Nation?

Rosie: The thing that surprised me most about Ticketmaster is how friendly everyone is. Everyone is willing to help you and answer questions, even outside of your department. Even though we are a large company, the atmosphere is quite relaxed.

Stephnie: I think what surprised me most about Ticketmaster is that even though the company is technology focused, you are not expected to know a lot about technology. As someone who doesn't come from a tech background it has been rewarding for me to learn this side of the business and gain a deeper understanding and acknowledgement of the importance of technology within ticketing as the industry evolves over time. 

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