As part of the migration to WordPress for all of our Entertainment Guides, we’ve moved our Offers page to the new platform.

The new-look Offers page now has more integration with our other Entertainment Guides, giving it a more holistic feel that’s more aligned with our brand’s other listings pages.

As part of the migration, WordPress offers us more flexibility, control and editorial scope on the page. We’re now able to feature individual modules that highlight offers by genre or type, and we’re able to switch modules around so the Offers page can have a fresh look and feel at the drop of a hat.


For the customer, this means that our offers are even more at front of mind. Because all our listings now exist on a single platform, they’re instantly, automatically replicated across any guide they are featured in – adding further exposure to our great range of offers and savings.

Modules on WordPress also have added functionality, including search (so customers can find a specific offer easily) and filtering options that allow our fans to browse offers both alphabetically or by date order, saving the customer time and making for a better user experience.

In addition, all updates are now instantaneous; meaning the Offers page (and our Entertainment Guides at large) can be much more reactive to changes in the industry.

Take a look at the new Offers page here, and explore all of our Entertainment Guides here.

If you would like to discuss any offers please contact Holly Watson for options. If you’d like to be featured in other Entertainment Guides, please contact your Client Marketing Manager.

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