Bath is sitting at the forefront of hospitality innovation with four of its most renowned institutions offering app and online ordering.

Bath Rugby, Bath Racecourse, Theatre Royal Bath and Searcys Bath Pump Rooms all utilise the Preoday platform to help ensure their customers have the easiest way to order and pay for their food and drink. Last weekend I had the great pleasure of experiencing some of these alongside a few special media guests.

The first stop was the Searcys Pump Room which has been using the Preoday platform to offer experiences such as Afternoon Tea and Champagne Lunches in e-voucher and postal voucher format. Not only was this my first afternoon tea, but also the first time I was able to use the Preoday service as an actual customer. The most pleasant part was how, during the meal, all that was needed was for the waiter to take the voucher number and the process was complete. It was entirely painless and there was no need to go scrambling for my wallet or to have a lengthy wait at the end for a bill.

We were then treated to seats at the Bath vs Worcester Warrior games at the Bath Rugby Recreation Grounds. I had been present for the pilot launch earlier in the year and was glad to see how thoroughly embedded the quick collect service has become with fans. It was great to hear from the ones we spoke to that pre-ordering is now part of their pre-match routine.


The benefit of the app was very obvious when we glanced sideways from the extensive cash queue (which you can see in the image above) to the significantly shorter quick-collect queue next to it. The team and I were able to pick up all of our drinks and snacks in less than 5 minutes.

During our visit I was also able to catch up with the Bath Rugby operations team to garner their feedback on the service. As always it was great to hear their suggestions; we actively encourage feedback and see it as vital for the growth of our platform. We also provided insight on the ways other companies are using the platform as well as opportunities for expanding the service. We’ll tell you more about those as they are implemented.

All in all, it was an enlightening experience, and a rare pleasure for this Customer Success officer to see the benefits of our app from a customer perspective. The benefits couldn’t have been clearer and I don’t mind telling you that the app envy emanating from those unfortunate enough to not be using the app – and instead having to queue – was palpable. I have no doubt that there will have been a few more downloads of the app and there will be even more pre-orders placed ahead of the next game.

Thank you to Searcys Pump Room and Bath Rugby for a wonderful day out, it was enjoyed by us, the media and by everyone using the platform on the day.

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