We kicked off our Summer of Live campaign with our first flash sale of the season on 4 May.

Set up on a dedicated splash page, the campaign was supported by all Ticketmaster UK channels. 

Client engagement was higher than ever, with 276 events from Ticketmaster UK, Frontgate, TicketWeb, Universe and Ticketmaster Sport. 

We used our vast number of marketing channels to support the campaign and enhance our SEO performance:

  • Blog post
  • 2 solus e-shots sent to over 3.5m people
  • Homepage spotlights
  • Social takeovers on Twitter and Facebook
  • Social spend
  • Support from our 3,500+ affiliates
  • Print advertising
  • Online ad retargeting and PPC spend
  • Advertising banners featured in TicketAlert weeks prior and during the campaign
  • Certain clients participating in cross marketing, advertising their events while driving traffic to the flash sale page


The results:

  • Our eshots performed well selling over 35% of the overall tickets sold
  • Over 230k page views (33% increase)
  • Our affiliates picked up and pushed the campaign
  • 35% increase in events listed versus 2017
  • Music was the best performing genre
  • First flash sale on our new Wordpress platform and the layout showed improvement for events.

Ticketmaster runs multiple flash sales and seasonal offers campaigns throughout the year, get in touch with holly.watson@ticketmaster.co.uk if you’d like to take part.

Watch out for our next campaign in early July, details coming soon…

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