The recently redesigned Ticketmaster UK blog offers opportunities to promote live events and entertainment through exciting and engaging creative content.

Hosting a range of customer-focused content, the blog directly influences ticket sales through a mixture of quizzes, playlists, interviews, editorial and video, as well as regular news and announcements.

Designed as the first point of call for fans of live events and entertainment, the blog provides individual areas for each genre: theatre, music, comedy, sport and special events. Ticketmaster employs an experienced full-time member of staff to manage and monitor the blog, both creating and commissioning high-quality content.

Content is related directly to events for which Ticketmaster is ticketing, designed to build on an already established returning readership and customer base. In addition, the blog allows Ticketmaster to support chosen charities and partners.

News and announcements


The blog aims for timely announcements of live events and entertainment opportunities for Ticketmaster’s fans. These include all information required for fans to get hold of tickets, including pre-sale information where appropriate, any confirmed bundle or fan-club deals, and all relevant tour, event and on-sale dates.

Rich content

Above and beyond announcements and news, the blog also hosts editorial features, interviews, quizzes, playlists, and much more. `These engage our audience fully in Ticketmaster and the associated events, encouraging direct ticket sales. 

Unlike many editorial competitors, the blog offers fans the instant opportunity to purchase tickets for live events and entertainment, with all content including full details and ticket links.

Video content

The blog is also home to all our video content, both provided by clients and created internally. 

Ticketmaster Chat allows us to promote tours and events by talking directly to talent involved. This has proved extremely successful across all genres.

Ticketmaster is also keen to expand its creative content across all platforms, with a direct link between a deeper insight into live events and the success thereof.  



Our Minimaster campaign celebrates the involvement of young fans in live events and entertainment. Content surrounds written reports from events, and innovative video content. 


Supporting our clients

The blog provides vital means of engaging with our wide range of fans, allowing innovative and engaging content to be created for high-priority events and tours. 

As part of a wider Ticketmaster marketing strategy, the blog celebrates significant and regular traffic, as well as being included across our customer communication. 

As the world of live entertainment continues to develop, creative content is key in reaching fans, and encouraging access to events. We work with clients to ensure effective use of the blog, and associated innovative content.

Visit the Ticketmaster Blog now for more. 

For more info about the blog please contact you client marketing manager here.

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