The TicketWeb team will be presenting the findings from their survey of music fans who attend MVT venues.

TicketWeb, a Ticketmaster company, is proud to be the headline sponsor of Venues Day for a third year in a row. This year's event is taking place on Wednesday, 17 October 2018 at the Islington Assembly Hall, London. We are excited to announce that we’ll be presenting the findings from a survey of music fans who attend MVT venues. 

The importance of the MVT and its patrons.

Music Venue Trust plays a vital role in the UK’s music scene. A registered charity, it’s dedicated to protecting grassroots music venues, which in turn foster the development of British music and local talent by giving emerging artists a platform to build their careers. Run by passionate people, MVT has been doing incredible work that also helps make our communities culturally vibrant. Here’s what their patrons are saying:

The Wombats

“Without grassroots music venues we, The Wombats, would never have had a hope at becoming the band we are today. We spent 3 years playing tiny venues all over the country, sleeping on promoters’ floors and having adventure after adventure. These local, small venues are nearly always run by music lovers who want to be a part of the local music scene in their town/city and to give bands of all sizes, whether it’s their 1st or 50th show, an opportunity to perform. Without these venues, new local bands wouldn’t have a chance to learn important lessons in live performance skills and all the fun that goes along with it! Without them, the British music scene and the musicians of tomorrow will not have the opportunities they need to hone their talent. We are very proud to be involved and look forward to doing more shows with MVT in the future!”

Be Charlotte

“Music Venue Trust is such an important organisation for everyone in the music industry. Whether you are a songwriter, musician, agent, promoter or manager then it’s in your best interest to make sure grassroots music venues are thriving. Without them a lot of people wouldn’t be able to tour in the UK. When I was 14 years old I started searching for local open mic nights near my hometown of Dundee and pretty much all of the venues I played in were small and independently owned. It’s at those venues where I found my love for performing. It created a good environment where I could really discover what music I wanted to make and those early experiences helped me to build my confidence.. The success of these venues is crucial to aspiring musicians all over the country.”

Joe Talbot, Idles

“I am one of the privileged few who has been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world and have a platform on which my voice with a plethora of diverse people; after 8 years of playing venues across the UK, some tiny, some ornate, some dank and so on; there is one residing factor that runs through all the stages we have played and that is Community. The communities that have supported us as a band and weary travellers are built from hard-working and passionate individuals that collectively want for a brighter existence. Without those hard-working communities there would be no place for the audience, and without the audience there would be no meetings of minds for the artists to flourish and learn.”

Jeremy Pritchard, Everything Everything

“Were it not for presence of the Tunbridge Wells Forum while I was growing up, I very much doubt that I would be a professional musician now. The same would be said of countless other individuals who have been inspired and nurtured by similar community live music venues. The UK music industry needs to do more to support its live grassroots, and government needs to recognise that the health and future prosperity of this important British Industry relies on us nurturing these seeds. Very often the commercial value of the property outweighs its commercial value as a music venue, but never its social or cultural value, which is what the Music Venue Trust aims to protect.”

Ellie Rowsell, Wolf Alice

“Without independent, grassroots venues I’m not sure my band would be where we are today. They offered me a chance to play without knowing the first thing about how the industry worked. They bring originality, equality, opportunity, character and spunk to the cities they reside in and now more than ever is the time to fight to keep them going!”

Book your tickets.

Tickets are currently available to Music Venues Alliance members only but will go on general sale on Monday, 17 September. 

For those interested in discovering how TicketWeb Backline can assist with their ticketing needs, the team will be on hand to provide product demonstrations of the platform. 

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