recently posted an article listing companies that are investing in novel new workspaces and perks – and we were included!

We’re pleased to announce that Ticketmaster came in at No.4! Here’s what the story said about us:

4. Ticketmaster, London

Trust Ticketmaster to come up with a workspace that we’d happily queue for hours to get into. Giving us serious Tom Hanks from Big vibes, its HQ has breakout rooms, hosts launch events, hackathons, client functions and dance classes to help ease the stress of a working day. And you won’t have failed to notice the biggest draw – yes, a massive slide that goes between floors. Productive? It’s faster than an elevator.

What the employees say:

Mark Jansen: "It definitely makes us work harder, and the breakout desks are designed to keep us fit and healthy. We have free fruit, free drinks, gym memberships, on-site massages, to name but a few of the perks. Though the slide certainly gets the most attention."

To read the full article by Joe Ellison on, click here.

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