With a fun new look and brand new hub, it's perfect for showcasing all the exciting family-friendly events we’ve got coming up!

Our Minimaster guide is now split into a hub where we have featured listings (currently skewed for Half Term) and two additional sub-pages:

  • Minimaster Junior (below left) – which serves kids ages 5 – 8 and is focused on first theatre experiences and family-friendly shows, sport and festivals. It's the staple of the Minimaster diet.
  • Minimaster+ (below right) – which serves kids ages 8+ (with a focus on the 12 – 15 demographic) and, for the first time, includes music listings for young tweens and concertgoers, plus slightly more age-appropriate theatre listings.

minimasterjr_gs.jpg    minimasterplus_gs.jpg

You can check out our new Minimaster hub here.   

As with all the WordPress guides, this gives Minimaster much more flexibility to showcase different modules, layouts and our campaign focuses – including seasonal activity and the great content we produce through backstage access with kids on our database.

The launch will be supported by a Half Term newsletter which will feature events currently listed in that section on the main hub. 

We hope you enjoy the new Minimaster guide and all the new opportunities it presents.

To find out more about how you can be involved, contact your Client Marketing Manager or email marketing@ticketmaster.co.uk.

Words by Matthew Buttell

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